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Do you need legal advice? Related to civil, criminal, family or business matters. We offer our expertise at an affordable price. Legal advisor in Pakistan is just a click away from you. Furthermore, we offer a guaranteed one window legal solution in Pakistan. Team of Sheikh Law Company, never initiates a case without discovering solid facts. Therefore, we work to our level best in order to achieve success.
In conclusion, the law firm provides online legal advisory and consultancy. We offer very affordable rates to our clients. Experts can manage all of your legal needs online. We offer a variety of general litigation services. Which includes civil cases, corporate cases, banking cases, family cases, and international cases. We also have expertise dealing with criminal cases in Gujranwala Pakistan.

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Looking for lawyers in Gujranwala? Sheikh Law Company stands as the best law agency in Gujranwala specialized in taxation, company registration, Legal Drafts & Contracts, Real Estate law and other legal services, established in 2015 having multiple discipline clients consisting of offshore and domestic business entities, Non-Profit Organizations, and individuals from different sectors of the economy.

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For getting the advanced level and prominent position in the business community our law agency’s focus is always on innovative and distinctive solutions to our prestigious clients because we are always ready to deal with complicated atmosphere which is arising day by day in the commercial atmosphere and we provide best law solution to our clients. Our best advocates in Gujranwala have vast experience in Taxation to meet the current challenges which are coming due to the change of laws and policies of Government.

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Our Tax Lawyers in Gujranwala are well aware and understand the Clients’ requirements which are changing daily due to changes in the Commercial Business environment and they feel reliable and confident in our Attorney’s expertise in Taxation and also introduce new Tax solutions. Our full-service Tax consultants in Gujranwala understand Clients Business deeply and absorb the changes which are coming day by day in their operations. 


Sheikh Arslan

Advocate Lahore High Court, CEO Sheikh Law Company

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We have top level advocates in Gujranwala specialized in providing not only tax planning/tax filing, firm registration, financial services, but also civil law, family law real estate and other legal services. Our law corporation is working with Individuals, Businesses, Charities in Pakistan and offering them full-service tax solutions with their unique tax filing requirements. We’re year-round full-service tax consultants located in Gujranwala to help you with your tax planning needs.



Appeals are normally filed on the basis of differences between Taxpayer and Tax Departments which arise because of mismatch of Taxable Income and tax liability.


Civil Law

Civil law systems, also called continental or Romano-Germanic legal systems, are found on all continents and cover about 60% of the world. Our law agency will give you legal advice to resolve these civil law issues.


Insurance Law

Insurance is a contract in which one party pays money and the other party promises to reimburse the first for certain types of losses (illness, property damage etc.) if they occur.


Drafting Legal Agreements & Contracts

Drafting Contracts and legal documents are most important aspects of every business operations in Pakistan. Our best advocates will help you with all your legal agreements.


Family Law

A Family Lawyer resolves family law disputes through processes other than litigation in the courts. We give them best legal advice to resolve the issues. Family law issues including injunctions, location and recovery orders, breach and enforcement orders.


Real State Law

Real estate law is the area of law that governs buying, using and selling land. It’s the law that governs how people acquire property and what they can do with property that they own.

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The satisfaction level of our clients speaks of the quality of our services. 


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I wanted to register my company at Chamber Of Commerce. I was looking for legal services and found Sheikh Law Company. They made it so easy and smooth registration process for me. Would love to work with them again.


Muhammad Nadeem

CEO Technic Mentors

We hired their services for filing taxes. Before hiring them, we as a company found it very difficult and complicating task. We were in search of someone who can handle all our tax related affairs. Thanks to Sheikh Law Company for all the great work.


Hadeed Ul Hassan

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