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Arslan Sheikh (CEO)

Sheikh Arslan Advocate has been a respected, knowledgeable lawyer in the area for over 6 years. He is member of District bar association Gujranwala and performing his duties as a Tax Law Specialist and additionally the family, Property lawyer. His appearance in the courts is 100%. It is a good idea to get in touch with a lawyer BEFORE you run into legal affairs. 

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Phone: +92 302 96 55 723

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The Sheikh Law Company gives you the comfort of knowing that all of your legal necessities are in one place without breaking your budget. At our law firm, we provide a wide range of services, so you can always find the help you need. Come to our best Law Firm, we can help! We have a Legal Team that is ready and waiting to assist you. We can deal with your entire legal case, whether you just need good advice or you’re ready to proceed to the courtroom.

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